This is an opportunity to use your tools to enrich yourselves and your community! In this Level II class we learn how to assist in the healing of others in a way that doesn't deplete our own life force energy, but rather promotes self-cultivation.

Content: Healing past-lives and clearing persecution pictures, the energetic field.

Chakra: Function, Balance and Health.

Introduction to “Reading Energy.”

This is for anyone who has taken A-Alignment and feels a resonance with the concepts. We will clear the fear around stepping into our intuitive power! You will have to one-to-one time with myself and my assistant Josie.
Passport To Intuition: How to be Intuitive with Integrity, Ethics and Boundaries. Strengthen your force field and navigate the currents of the world. (Pre-req: A-Alignment)
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20 + DIY Videos from chakra function to energy clearing
4 Virtual Live Classes: Thursdays @ Noon PST (60min)
Jan 18th, 25th & Feb. 1st, 8th.
2 x 30 min Session (with Josie: To help connect with your healing concierge/guide.)
1 x 45 min (with Liliana: To help you clear your past-life trauma.)


Jan 11th, 2018 you will receive the first audio/video content and private sessions to connect with your healing concierge.

Live classes begin Thursday, January 18th Noon Pacific Standard Time. Live session attendance is not mandatory but we ask that you do everything you can to attend.

Investment? $700 (paid in full) OR 2 Payments of $375.00 = $750.00

(1st payment up front, 2nd payment 30 days later, it's automated!)

Re-take Cost: $300.00 (Does not included one-to-one sessions, only content and live classes.) DON'T FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW IF THIS IS A RE-TAKE email me I'll set up payment for you.